Revealed: List Building Technology and
Training To Grow Your List
and Make Affiliate Sales At Lighting Speed..

  • Specially programmed list building technology that allows you to grow your mailing list at lighting speed turning subscribers into affiliate sales like CLOCKWORK

  • Top notch video training by world-class marketing experts Jeffrey Baxter and Tim Bock themselves! You'll see right over their shoulders as they show you how to run a profitable online business with list-building methods that are out of this world!

  • Ready-To-Go funnel that can be setup within 10 minutes and helping you make sales within 24 hours from now

  • Try it out at a measly $1 for the first 14 days then only $47 per month thereafter risk free with our 60 day money back guarantee!

Who Are We and How Can We Help You Skyrocket Your Online Business
Like Never Before!

You're probably wondering who we are and why you should give us your attention. With so much garbage floating around in our marketplace today we understand that you might be a bit on the defense about hearing us out and we completely understand.

My name is Jeffrey Baxter and on behalf of myself and my business partner Tim Bock we'd like to thank you for visiting this page. Maybe you're here because you KNOW that it's time for you to start WINNING in your online business and that's exactly what we're going to help you do.

Just like many, we got started in this business looking for an honest and ethical way to make a living online and as you can imagine we've had our fair share of getting scammed and wasting our money on so called 'gurus' and their magical "systems". Fortunately, we were able to cut our losses quick and get a hold of a REAL way to make money online. To make a long story short, we're now able to do what we want, when we want and WHERE we want because we have a lucrative business model that pays us well.

Just take a look into our current lifestyle..

Your Business Should Be Profitable and Stress Free. No Excuses!

When it comes to making money online many of us have come into this industry from various type of jobs. A few limitations that those jobs have placed on us as human beings are as follows:

  • Being Limited To Our Amount Of Vacation Days
  • Being Told How Many Times We Can Be Sick Throughout The Year
  • How Much Money We Can Earn
  • What Time We Have To Wake Up

..and the list goes on! Tim and I have had our share of those limitations as well which is why we made it up in our mind to run nothing but a "stress free" business with NO income ceiling.

That's the power of the INTERNET!

We're not bound to trading time for money or there being a certain level of income that we can't exceed. Pretty cool huh?

This Is The REAL Way To Make
Money Online

Now we'll be honest with you, the glorious side of Internet Marketing is having that freedom to do what you want and making cash on complete auto-pilot, BUT there is also a pretty gruesome side as well. The gruesome side is following after online business models that are just not profitable or that cause you to trade time for money.

Luckily, we steer clear away from those models and have a simple strategy for making more in a month than what some don't make in a year all while working as minimal as possible.

Before we get into what we do, think about this for a second.

How did you land on this page?

We'd say there is a 90% chance that you were sent here by email from someone promoting us. Do you think the person that promoted us just like us SO much they had to tell you about this without getting anything in return? OR do you think they believe in us, our product and promoted so they can receive compensation as well?

Yep! The latter would be the right answer. Now peep this, it probably took less than 5 minutes for that person to send out an email which would result in hundreds or even thousands of dollars for the day. That's the power of having a mailing list!

This is our exact business model that allows us to make a full-time income online.

  • Step 1:
    Build A Mailing List
  • Step 2:
    Promote Relevant Products
  • Step 3:
    Make Money

This is probably one of the most simple and profitable business models out there which is why we love it so much and encourage those that are looking for a way to do what we do as well..

Introducing List Profit Hero

What if you could replicate what we're doing in our business to have constant 6 figure years? Would you like to take a "shortcut" to making money online so that you don't have to go through the hassle of trying to find something that works?

If you've answered yes to those questions then you're going to love this new system of ours by the name of "List Profit Hero". Imagine having software that allows you to start building a massive mailing list as soon as tonight!

Or better yet, imagine being able to not only grow your list, but also make affiliate sales all at the same time with a sales funnel system we have in place that's out of this world.

Pretty amazing right?

Let's get into what "List Profit Hero" is all about and the key benefits of joining.

Module 1:
List and Profit Explosion

"In this module you're going to learn how grow your list and make affiliate sales simultaneously with our step-by-step plug and play system"

Key Benefits Of Module 1:

  • Grow Mailing List and Make Money

    Here in module 1 we'll focus on showing you how to get setup with our 'plug and play' system that allows you to build your mailing list and make affiliate sales simultaneously with our built in list-building technology.

  • Setup In 15 Minutes Or Less

    We've designed module 1 in such a way that even a 3rd grader can do it and we're confident you can be setup in 15 minutes or less!

  • Takes Out The Guesswork

    We know that one of the main problems people face when getting into this industry is piecing everything together. With us you won't have to go out there and find what's converting, hire programmers, designers, create products etc. as you can be setup in a flash. Talk about convenience!

Module 2:
Free List Building System

"In this module you're going to discover the techniques for growing your mailing list without spending a penny!"

Key Benefits Of Module 2:

  • Make Money Without Spending

    Who doesn't want to make money without spending anything? We believe it's pretty logic to say that there are a TON of marketers out there like yourself that would love to have a zero cost business. We'll be discussing how to do this within the training.

  • Sky Is The Limit!

    As you probably already know, when it comes to spending money in order to make money we become very limited on how much we can actually do that. On the bright side, when you're not spending ANY money whatsoever to build your list or make sales then the SKY becomes the limit.

Module 3:
The List Whisperer

"In this module you're going to learn close kept secrets for building a subscriber base that highly respects and buys nearly ANYTHING from you"

Key Benefits Of Module 3:

  • Increased Sales

    The strategies that are shared within this module are designed for you to grow a subscriber base that will believe you if you say the sky is purple. With this kind of trust and authority this means an increase in your sales because when you promote they buy, period!

  • More Auto-Pilot Commissions

    We're also going to show in this module how to build your list and make more affiliate sales on complete auto-pilot. Imagine being able to put in just a few minutes of work and coming back the next day to see your affiliate sales and subscriber base gone through the roof!

  • Long Term Asset

    One of the major benefits of what you'll learn in module 3 is that you'll be able to have a subscriber base and business for the long-term. It's one thing to build a following, but it's a completely different thing when that following really knows, likes and trusts you.

Get This Exclusive Bonus Worth $297
When You Signup Today

Now that you see this is a system and training of a lifetime let's make this even better! When you get access to "List Profit Hero" on today we're going to throw in a bonus of ours worth $297 by the name of "The I.M Wealth Code". This is a report that's going to show you a top notch methodology for making $1,000 or more per day online. What's shared in here most marketers would NEVER reveal to you as this is 7 figure type of material.

While we could charge up to $297 for this report you're going to get it absolutely FREE when you join us today.

How Much Is List Profit Hero Going
To Cost Me?

Ok so for the million dollar question you're probably wondering how much it's going to cost in order to join "List Profit Hero". We're talking about more than just another product here, this is a platform and training that can help you reach 6 figures or more per year in your online business.

We believe this is worth well over $197 per month and know that there are TONS of smart marketers like yourself who would be comfortable paying that knowing the value of what's being offered. Fortunately, you won't have to pay anything near that today.

e You can get access to "List
Profit Hero" for only.

Yes! For less than the cost of a soda you'll be able to join "List Profit Hero" for the first 14 days. If you decide to remain a member you can keep your membership for a measly $47 per month.

This is extremely cheap considering the value that's being given. To get access to a 'plug n play' system that allows you to build your mailing list and make affiliate sales as soon as 24 hours from now is definitely nothing to overlook.

We're confident that this is a game changer and will really help you and your business.

Here's What Others Are Saying About Us
and This System
  • Lenin Govea
  • Igor Kheifets
  • Edson Buchanan
  • Phil Springer
Our Iron Clad
100% Money Back Guarantee

We're going to make this a no brainer and offer you a 100% 60 Day Money Back Guarantee just in case you're not completely satisfied. If for any reason you feel that you haven't received your money's worth, just let us know and we'll refund every single penny. We want you to order with confidence..

Here's A Quick Recap Of What's Going To
Happen When You Signup Today

As we come to a close we just want to say that we're excited about having you as a new member. You might be on this page right now and still struggling in your online business, but we honestly believe that's about to change as soon as you get on the other side.

Also, just to give a quick recap of what you're about to get access to so that you're not left in the dark on anything, here's what you need to know

  • Complete List Building and Sales Machine
    When you join 'List Profit Hero' on today you're going to get access to a complete list building and sales machine that allows you to use our built in technology to start building your mailing list and making affiliate sales with our proven funnels within 24 hours!
  • Top Notch Training
    Aside from the automation to help you explode your subscriber base and sales you're also going to get over-the-shoulder training showing you the latest strategies to really succeed with your list building and affiliate sales. All of our training will be inside a members area online so that you can login and watch at your convenience!
  • Crazy Bonus Worth $297
    Finally, when you join on today, you're going to get a bonus copy of "The I.M Wealth Code" which reveals how to have regular $1,000 days online. These are methods that the elite will never share with you because they are that good!

With that being said, we're pretty sure that you can see this is a "no-brainer". If you're really serious about taking your online business to another level and building something for the long-term then we look forward to seeing you on the other side.

Get access now for only:

Remember, you have a full 14 days to try things out and if you like what you see, you can keep your membership for less than a cup of coffee per day at only $47 per month. If not, then understand you're under no long-term obligation and can cancel at ANY TIME.

We look forward to seeing you on the other side!

To Your Success!

Jeff and Tim

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